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Okay, well, everyone has wanted to see what my current collection of firearms consists of (Heck if I know why someone would want to know). So I figured I better get started. Now, I'm going to do this slowly as time permits, one firearm at a time. Maybe I'll try for one a week... but no promises! No, they are all NOT tactical rifles... but a good portion of them are!! I hope you enjoy!!! First post is following this one.

And feel free to comment if you would like.

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Above is the first firearm to post to my gallery. Sorry folks, its not a tactical rifle, but we'll get to those... have patience.

This is a Smith & Wesson model 1006. This was the first gun I bought with my own money... way back when I was 16 years old. Nope, not old enough to buy it myself, my dad had to buy it when I earned all the money. $609, which is now still expensive, and was REALLY expensive back then! It was purchased when the model was very first introduced, in fact, the serial number is only 4 digits long (I blotted it out above for security). I am a fan of the 10mm, its my favorite when it comes to pistol rounds, and I'm not talking the fed-lite sissy stuff, give me the full power 10mm, which should be above 600+ ft-lbs of energy. I put hogue overmolded grips on it, and I love them. This gun is a real pleasure to shoot and still has a very warm spot in my heart. In fact, this is the gun I pack when I go back country fishing/backpacking. Yep, 10mm 200 gr black talons, which I use because everywhere in montana is bear country.

Hope you enjoyed the first installment!

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nice lookin pistol mel
thx for posting sometin :)
You bet guys. No problem. I still kind of find it funny that people are interested in what I have. I mean, what everyone else has is more interesting to me!!

I'll keep the posts coming. Perhaps I'll pull out another one this weekend to snap a photo.

Yes, those are factory fully ajustable sights. When I bought this gun, I actually went down to buy a Javilina 10mm (anyone remember those? 7" slide on it.... I believe AMT made it). They had just sold out of them, and I had to get something, and saw that they just got the new Smiths in, and I had recently read an article about it... so I bought it instead. Actually, I'm glad I did!!

SCSheriff said:
Time to bring back the oldest thread of all time. What happened to this thread Mel?
LOL I think he owes LOTS OF PICTURES if he was going to do one a week!
SCSheriff said:
Time to bring back the oldest thread of all time. What happened to this thread Mel?
No kidding. That's sweet, and I like the story that came along with it.

I was reading it like it was a new post you where starting, thinking "Sweet, this will be a cool post to keep up on". Then saw what Sheriff had to say and though, "How old is this... Heck, 04".

I think I speak for majority of the site when I ask, Could you continue this post where you left off?

People are interested in what you have because you sorta resemble the "King" of this website. Its cool to compare what others may have to what the king has. Also, that is a nice meaningful story that came along with that pic. :D

Thanks, :wink:
If you search for it there are a series of these posts up to #9 I believe...
This isn't the only Mel's Stuff thread, do some digging and you'll find some more to pull up 8)

please continue Mel, because I am about to run out. well, sort of ! hehehehe!!
That is a nice side arm. I have the same one. Well mine is blued. :D
Mel, that was a great series. A lot of fun to read.

I know you have a lot of stuff on the SC plate right now but if you ever find yourself bored with nothing to do I'd love to read some more. Untill then Ill just bide my time till the next review.
that pistol looks out-of-the-box new. Mel must be meticulous about cleaning it.
Thats a very nice pistol Mel. I like the 10mm. Pity I cant own one. I hope you still shoot it regulary.
Wow! A blast from the past.... so I made it to #9?? Man, I have a long way to go.

Okay, I will try to continue where I left off, I'll have to dig up the threads to see which ones I did!

In regards to this pistol, it is a trusted friend. My son and I went for a little hike last saturday up into the hills. And in MT, it is usually pretty wise to bring something to protect yourself (In MT more the 4 legged critters than the 2 legged ones) and what did I bring? Yep, the trusty ol' S&W 1006 with 200gr Black Talons. Nope, didn't have to use it, but that is still the pistol I love to carry.

Now... time to resurrect the "Mel's Stuff series...."

mele said:
Okay, I will try to continue where I left off, I'll have to dig up the threads to see which ones I did!
Sorry Mel, the statute of limitations has expired on your posts. Now you have to start all over!! We will give you a pass on the 10mm since thats the one that brought this thread back to life. So, time to post #2! :lol:
I found #9, lol ... ght=greent

Just happened to come across it randomly while doing a search..
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