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MilDot Master

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How many of you use and like the MilDot Master?

I do.
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I've got one but don't get to use it much. It seems to have worked the couple times I have though. I definately prefer it over pen and paper calculations, math is my arch-nemesis. The range we use has been esimated at 150 yards by a couple different people, and the Mildot Master said 140; I assume it at least works good enough for casual shooting. I've heard it's got a military contract and is being used in Afganistan and Iraq.
I like mine. Also good with the angle cosine indicator for up and down angle shooting.
Not my first choice for precision, but if the LRF ever goes down, it is nice to have as a backup.

It's another useful reference tool. Leave it at that.
"I've heard it's got a military contract and is being used in Afganistan and Iraq."

yeah thats what a sniper buddy who came back from 'stan told me about a year ago.
Now, I know many teams have them, whether they were purchased by the military, or attained through the adopt-a-sniper program, I'm not sure. I know some teams use them, and some teams do not.

You could give a new guy all the gear you want... and give an old WW2 vet an old beat up service rifle... i garrentee the old vet would win. Point being... all the cards... high end 50+ power scopes in the world wont make you any better... practice practice practice... All these cards and tools do is take away from the actual art of the craft... knowing and visualizing the bullet path as you slowly pull the trigger... and actually hitting what your aiming at without any one or anythings help.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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