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Muzzleblasts rifles

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Threw a couple pics together this weekend for everyone. Nothin special, just some of my gear on my workbench in my pigsty of a room. Don't mind the mess or the remains of "mount barchange" lol. If ya wanna see more, give me a shout. I left out my Condor O/U and SKS for now.

The Winchester is a Model 70 Black Shadow with a Bushnell Elite 3200 10X40 Mil dot scope, and a Rock mount bipod. With the trigger tuning it had this summer it shoots moa consistently with some ammo, not bad for a sporter.

The Nagant is a 91/30 made in 1939 by Tula, I think.

The Marlin is an 1895G in 45-70, unported. 1.5 moa capable when I actually shoot it that well with irons lol.

The Garand is a Winchester 1944, rebarreled by Denmark in 1956. 2 moa with me shooting it, but its made 1.5 moa groups with a real shooter lol.

Hope you like.
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nice rifles
like the Garand a lot
looks really nice
shoots pritty good for an older rifle too
Thanks Jeff.

I had seen on the CMP website that target shooters like the Danish VAR barrels that mine has, although mine is a little worn. I bet if the barrel was minty it would shoot tight groups all day. I had bought it on the net though, and just really wanted a garand. Shoots solid minute of deer for me lol.
All very cool, but I like the Garand the best.

Show us the SKS and the other one, especially the SKS! I don't get to see many of that sort of thing in these parts...

Scatch Maroo
Youve gotta let me cut you some stocks for the garand and the nagant there muzzle.... Make em look brand new.
How do you like your Bushnell 3200? I was thinking about getting one because of the price. Don't have the money right now to get the leupold I want.
Thanks again all.

Scatch, the SKS pictures are comin up soon. Before the sunset of the AWB, I was happy I had a Norinco with a bayonet lol. I gather some states allow it now, and some don't, but during the time of the ban I was happy about that lol. About the only way gun laws were better here.

Spade, thats a can do, my man!

Drew, in the Elite 3200 and 4200 line, I like the quality. Nice clarity and good solid feeling clicks, no repeatability problems. The focus is nice too. I think theres a review of it here on the site. I was happy to see the prototype SC1 had one lol.

There you go. Read all about it. Let me know if you have specific questions. Hard to beat this scope for the money.

Yes I have read the review, just wanted to see what another person's opinion was.
I'm checkin for pics of the SKS I have, I know I snapped a couple...throw those on tonight. In the meantime here is a pic of some ammo I use for comparison.

L to R...

300 win mag winchester supreme 180 grain ct accubond. Great moose round.

30-06 winchester supreme 150 grain ballistic silvertip. My garand likes those.

303 British winchester super X, 180 grain power point

45-70 govt remington express, 405 grain soft point loaded to trapdoor springfield specs

7.62x39mm wolf 123 grain fmj.
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For .50 BMG ammunition, a painted top usually means 'especially cool,' such as being an incendiary round or armor piercing, or both...

What does the white and yellow tops on your 300 WM and 30-06, respectively?

Scatch Maroo
They are actually plastic tips, or "ballistic tips". Help keep bullets aerodynamic while aiding in rapid expansion. The .300 WM is noslers lastest flavor with "accubond". Not only rapid expansion, but suppose to keep core and jacket all together for better penetration and larger wound channel.

The ballistic tips tend to be very accurate with good BC's.

yeah, lol with military ammo they mean "fun bullet!"

At first with Nolser ballistic tips (these are both nosler bullets) the colour was a quick way to tell caliber. With the winchester Supreme, grey ballistic silvertips are for deer, and red accutips are bonded for penetration on heavy game.

Mel beat me to it while I was typing lol
hey them are some nice rifles, the garand looks pretty nice. That Beech stock has some real interesting possibilites. I should get a pic of an all beech set I refinished for a guy, so he could keep his dane in all dane wood. They can look really cool all redone, makes for a real conversation starter at the range.
Hey thanks, Mlammers. Those VAR barrels are cool, eh? Right now my M1 is still in in a stock that has the winchester serial numbers on it, so I think its US, right? It has a sticker inside it though, that the Danish soldier who used it pasted there, with his shooting many clicks it took from the "battle zero" to zero him. I thought that was great.

Here's a couple SKS pics for everyone who wanted to see those. Not great pics, but all I had for now.
The SKS is the only rifle the California ban required a person to turn in to the BATF for disposal... I don't know why they were so scared of it vs. the other variety of rifles. :(

Yours looks like it's in great condition, though!

Scatch Maroo
Hey thanks Scatch. Sure doesn't look too menacing or scary when its in original condition, does it? I've thought a lot about tricking it out but decided not to. Fine as it is...Maybe a red dot sight some day.
i really have no clue as to why either scatch. Ive given up attempting to understand california.
Muzzleblast said:
Sure doesn't look too menacing or scary when its in original condition, does it?
Lest the barrel were comically blown open a la Looney Tunes, I think an SKS in any condition pointed at me would prove both menacing and scary. :)

Spade, mind if I ask where you're from? I'm guessing somewhere in the sunbelt, or perhaps Texas?

Scatch Maroo
wrong belt.... bible belt for me.

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