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My Chandler Tactical Rifle and Kimber .45

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Very nice rifle.

FYI....the nice feature of photobucket is if you copy the bottom address....the one with IMG next to will show the pictured on this page.
VERY nice rifle :)

NICE pistol too :)

how do they shoot?
The Kimber hasn't been shot much but it performed great when I practiced with it. I carry a Sig 226 with a Glock 26 backup at work but I wish I could carry the .45. I only received the rifle 3 weeks ago but it shoots .5 MOA. I'm still trying to get my abilities to match the potential of the rifle. It's only been fired at 100 yards so far. I have to drive to Pennsylvania to shoot more than 300 yards though. No local ranges that big.
there is a range in New York not that far from Ct (where I am) i think goes 300y or m
ive never actually gone there but some people i know have
that would be a shorter trip if your in Long Island
My local range(Calverton) has 300 yards after 5pm. 2 hours into PA is a 500yd. and 3 1/2 hours gets me to one with 800 and 1000.
where are these ranges in PA at.... where i live farhtest is 300
Last I heard this was the contact info:
Water and Wings
East Greenville, PA
500 yards

Reade Range
Gulich, PA
600 and 1000 yards

Ridgeway Rifle Club
1000 yards

Call to make sure all the info is correct. I believe the first 2 are open to the public but it might have changed.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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