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My long overdue SC1A5

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No it came 2 months early but waiting for four months is never fun!!!

This is my SC1A5
24 inch barrel
1:10 twist
#6 contour
deaccelerator pad
adjustable cheek plate
Harris 9-12 inch bi-pod
Leupold Mk 4 Rings and Bases
Bushnell 3200 !0x mil-dots
(going to get a leupold scope later but don't have the money right now)

If anyone is thinking about getting an SC DO IT!!! Just because Mel doesn't talk about them doesn't mean I wont :D

I want to thank Mel, this was a big thing for me as this is my second rifle and really didn't know anything. Mel and his site helped me a lot. So thanks Mel.
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glad you finally got it in!!!
looks great
that thing is SICK.

:twisted: i must confess mel and i have a new toy for myself in the works:D:D:D. Ill be sure to post pics when that bad boy is finished
Drew said:
I absolutely LOVE that marble--those stairs are oh so gorgeous!

Scatch Maroo
haha yea
stairs not complete without an SC1A5 as the first step ;)
**Realising that there is no chance on earth of getting a rifle of such fine quality and precision for many years, WPR buries his face deep in his arms and cries**
There there, Westy I feel your pain!

Beautiful rifle...Brings a tear to me eye. I wish I could have one!!!

Drew, you made a brilliant choice
man... I never thought I would feel emotional when I saw one of my rifles in someone elses care.... guess you build an attachment when you work on them with your own hands, and fire them, etc.

WPR - Its for guys like you that I came up with the "pay as you go" plan. :D

It's... so beautiful.

So now you go off and lock it up, or I'll "Drop by." And then it'll be gone.

Two days later, Jeff tracks me down and tears my arms off. Yeah, I see it happening now. I already feel pain.

**Realising that there is no chance on earth of getting a rifle of such fine quality and precision for many years, WPR buries his face deep in his arms and cries**
Seconded. Aw crap, pain on two levels.

Although I don't really like 30-06's, write up a brief review for it anyways. Looks badass in the all-black. It'll be a camouflaged stock for me, or it'll never get by customs. "Hmm. I like this more than I like my own rifle." says the Customs Officer. :roll:
Fantastic work Mel. Making me even more anxious if thats possible. Have tons o fun with that bad boy Drew. You name it yet? :twisted:

AK, I'm talking to Customs now about importing a barrel from Shilen if I can. Way I see it, a 26 inch barrel for a registered non-restricted rifle should not have too much red tape. Then again, thats applying logic to our Govt. (If any officials are reading this I am soooo sorry...didn't mean it! good Govt....)

Anyhoo, to all the Canucks here...What in the blue heck does it take to import a non-restricted rifle? I'm gonna ask. Turns out an SC-1 converts to the tune of something like 1900 bucks...If I luck into fortune.... :cry:

Dunno anything about imports from the US side of the line...Got a long ways to go until I can "pay as I go", thats for sure.... :cry:

Again, love that rifle, gotta talk about shooting it so I can live vicariously.
super nice rifle make me want to get off my butt and put a pic of mine
on the sight
got a buddy working on that fer me

and again super nice dude take care of her
and dont name her BullZ I ,thats mines name
Drew & Mel - is that a chrome lined bore, or is the recessed crown just reflecting teh flash from the camera?

Nice rig by the way. I'm wondering why you selected the 30-06 for your chambering - sounds more like a hunting rig than a pure paper puncher. Alternatively, you now have a long action in the rig and can chamber it for anything that the bolt will fit (or can be opened up to accomodate.

Ya can't wait to go shoot it. Don't have time right now with school and work but will try to break it in sometime this weekend.

Don't worry Stump your name is completely safe.

Gezz Scatch I'm glad you like my marble stairs. (mental note: trashcan will now become primary backround)

Jeffvn: I can't answer your question because I'm not really sure. Sorry, hopefully Mel will reply again soon.

All in all I'm super happy about the rifle. Especially the way the all black finish came out. I had my doubts when I started seeing camos but it really does look sweet.
definitely looks SWEET... the nice tactical look to it
Just to let you know how wonderful the state of Ca is I had to wait 10 days to the minute!!!! They wouldn't give me my gun until after 3:12pm because thats when I did the paper work 10 days ago.

Also, because Montana has no slaes tax. Ca decided to do the honor of taxing it for me. Don't you all want to jump on a plane and move down here. :D
nah i think id rather move up there (Montana)
dont complain about the 10 day wait
the state was down the day i ordered a rifle from one of my local dealers
so i had to go back the following tuesday to start a 14 day wait... thats right FOURTEEN DAY wait
so in total i have to wait EIGHTEEN DAYS (next tuesday)
this 14 day wait is pissing me off in CT
I got the .30-06 because everyone has a .308 and to tell you the truth I still think we should be using the .30-06 (if it aint broke don't fix it)

If it was good enough for Hathcock is it good enough for me!!!
dont use a caliber or rifle cause someone else uses it
unless its your issued/duty weapona nd you want to become more proficient with it
if not get it cause you like it not cause someone sle or some branch of the military uses it
same goes with the .30-06
get it cause its a fine caliber (and trust me the .30-06 is a fine caliber) not because Carlos Hathcock, one of the greatest snipres of all time used it
Hey, I love the .30-06, it does everything the .308 does, and more. :D good caliber. Drews rifle has a 1:10" twist, so I would love to see some handloads with 190gr Matchkings or 175's pushed at a decent clip. But even for factory loads, the 168gr Fed Match is a good load for the -06. Though I would certainly try other factory loads like federal 165gr ballistic tip, fed 165 and 180 Nosler Solid base BT, Winchester 180gr Supreme Accubond, 180gr ballistic silvertip, 168 ball silvertip, etc etc. There are a LOT of good long range loads out there for -06.

The barrel is NOT chrome lined, the flash just caught a weird reflection, I notived it when I saw it also. Its a chromemoly (all SC rifles are) with teflon finish.

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