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Drew said:
Also, because Montana has no slaes tax. Ca decided to do the honor of taxing it for me.
You were robbed: I don't know if it's even legal for them to charge you a sales tax since you didn't even buy it here in California, but almost all shops will charge you a fee of 100-200 dollars just to have an FFL transfer done (unless it's a face-to-face) because they feel you're 'stealing their business', despite the fact that they couldn't sell Mel's rifles even if they wanted to. I'm willing to bet they merely charged you an eight percent commission and told you it was a sales tax.

I've bought four guns from the same dealer in Arkansas and have had them all shipped to an FFL holder at a local gun range: I don't pay taxes to the original dealer, and I only pay 40 dollars to cover the background fees from the FFL fellow. If he doesn't charge me a sales tax, then I'm thinking,

1) A sales tax isn't required, or else he'd lose his business license
2) If a sales tax isn't required, it isn't likely to be optional: thus, it doesn't exist

My recommendation is to find an FFL in the area that will do the transfer without 'additional' fees, and without sales tax... and to consider never returning whoever held Mel's rifle for you.

Scatch Maroo
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