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It's... so beautiful.

So now you go off and lock it up, or I'll "Drop by." And then it'll be gone.

Two days later, Jeff tracks me down and tears my arms off. Yeah, I see it happening now. I already feel pain.

**Realising that there is no chance on earth of getting a rifle of such fine quality and precision for many years, WPR buries his face deep in his arms and cries**
Seconded. Aw crap, pain on two levels.

Although I don't really like 30-06's, write up a brief review for it anyways. Looks badass in the all-black. It'll be a camouflaged stock for me, or it'll never get by customs. "Hmm. I like this more than I like my own rifle." says the Customs Officer. :roll:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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