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Finished my 375 RUM Build. :) could not be more happy with the results.






Love this build!
REM 700 Custom Action with David Tubb Bolt enhancements
Geiselle 2 Stage Trigger
M24 Contour Spiral Barrel by: Benchmark with BUGHOLES Bugnut (switch-barrel) technology
T4+ Terminator Brake
Manners T4-A Stock
Custom Cut Rail Mount and 8-40 Torx
Seekins Precision Unimount 34mm for scope
Trijicon Tenmile 5-50x56mm/ 34mm maintube scope (this scope is scary clear from 100 to 1800 yards)
Custom Sling Cups installed in the Manners Stock where I wanted them not how they were done by Manners
Mini-Chassis Manners DBM with 3.850" CIP 300 RUM / 375 RUM length magazines by AI


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Despite the short COAL (3.715" max), magazine feed the 3.850" CIP Magazine in the Manners Mini-Chassis in the stock allows for decent COAL on the long and heavy projectiles.

What makes this rifle unique is the BUGNUT switch-barrel capability so mag-feed I am restricted in COAL my 37XC (David Tubb) barrel is a single-feed with a custom chamber / throat that has a .375" freebore allowing me a max. COAL but cannot feed via magazine.

The 375 Load data is scary good for a 29" barrel. Use the load data with caution as it was load development but showed zero signs of pressure in my rifle.

Powder: IMR4350
Charge 94.6 grains
Case Trim: 2.845"
Primer: Federal 215 GM
Bullet: 329 Gr. Hammer
COAL: 3.706"
SD < 8 FPS
Velocity: 3,075 FPS

Powder: RAMSHOT Magnum
Charge 112.1 grains
Case Trim: 2.840"
Primer: Federal 215 GM
Bullet: 329 Gr. Hammer
COAL: 3.712"
SD < 5 FPS
Velocity: 3,090 FPS
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