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my rifle needs work

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This is my rifle its a 30-06 i wont to put a senthetic stock and hex screws and the barrel needs work and the scope i have on thare know is a POC(Peace Of Crap)and id like to to get it re dun in .308 ill probly just get a new barrel the one i have know is an 18 inchand once i get it in .308 ill wont a 25 inch barrel im in the process of getting it registered right know ( i got it from my uncle) but i got of alot of work to do
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Can you clarify the first sentence? The sentence would read properly if you had meant to put want instead of wont. But as of right now people would just be guessing.

ever heard of using a period? if we can understand you, we'll help you out.
what kind of rifle is that?
what kind of rifle is that?
Savage by the look of it.

Just my opinion, but I'd say that since it's a long action, you should keep it in a long action caliber for reliabiliy sake.

Check out Brownells and see what king of barrels they have for it. A #7 contour should do nicely (assuming of course that you're building this rifle with sniping and/or long range precision in mind.

As for the stock, if you want a cheap synthetic that's nice to hold, I'd go with a Hogue Over Molded. I got to hold on of those thinks in Alaska and they are NICE :D !!!

ever heard of using a period? if we can understand you, we'll help you out.
Come on guys, give him a break. There's not call to jump all over him just cus of a few typos.
Dude it's just a couple of spelling errors back off. You can understand what he is saying, but if you don't want to give advice then don't say anything.

Can't really help you out Big52 don't know a lot in this matter. Though I would suggest keeping it in .30-06 probably would be cheeper but don't know for sure.
no reason to get it re-chambered for .308 really
.30-06 is fine, actually a better cartridge for a lot of uses
Okay, Westpoint...since you mentioned it I think I can see the barrel locking nut now...Savage it is.

Hmm, supposed to shoot well out of the box, the 2 I shot did...I think Jeff is right about the 30-06 can still find cheap surplus and good match ammo for it, can handle long range, and is a great hunting round....Covers all the bases.
if the barrel is warn or something you can always rebarrel it in .30-06 again
whats the accuracy your getting out of it?
i havent used it yet i wonted to get the work dun on it first and yes it is a savage and ok i wont go to .308 !!(.)!! I know my typing isnt all that great
Your gun, and you can chamber it in anything you like...but don't you want to shoot it? lol :?
i do alot
then shoot it, man...see what it can do at least before you change it any
westpointranger said:
Come on guys, give him a break. There's not call to jump all over him just cus of a few typos.
Drew said:
Dude it's just a couple of spelling errors back off.
I am not trying to attack anyone, and Big52, I mean this in no way as an insult, as the majority of computer users do not find the necessity in using proper grammar and spelling in online forum posts...

However, there are literally countless punctuational problems with his post, and I'm not including grammatical syntax. Spelling can easily be overlooked so long as the word is spelled phonetically, but when you do not include whatsoever punctuation, and neglect syntax, you destroy the semantics of a language and make it incredibly difficult for people to read.

Some of you may say, "But I understood it well enough!" and that very well may be the case, but some of us ain't so bright (especially me), and if things aren't laid out in a manner in which I am accustomed to, I have a very difficult time appreciating the post: I know there are a number of other members who feel exactly the way I do, and they are frequently the ones who can and do answer these sorts of questions.

I think it is important to remember that because we are not communicating verbally, where slang is used much more frequently with all people, when we communicate through the written word we should keep in mind that a number of other members of this forum are not accustomed to literature that is presented minus certain rules, such as syntax and punctuation, and it makes it very difficult to comprehend the author's post.

So please, for the sake of us who are not as bright, do your best to separate your sentences with periods, and insert question marks when a question has been raised, and keep in mind the necessity of proper conjugation: it really does make a difference for some of us, and it makes the site appear much more professional over all. The latter, I believe, should be substantial motivation for us all, as a professional look attracts professional shooters who can only enrich our experiences with such a great hobby.

Scatch Maroo
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just shoot the damn gun and see if it needs work or not
it really cant hurt
I agree with Jeff850. Shoot it for a while, then find out what you like and don't like about it. There's no reason to rush in and tear up a perfectly good rifle. Everything on the rifle should be function-specific and the only way to find what you need and what you don't is to shoot it enough where you find the pros and cons of the rifle.
i highly reccomend you shoot it about 10 times (10 sessions) and evaluate WHAT needs to be done if anything...
is there a particular reason why you want a .308 instead of a .30-06?
I wasn't going to jump into this but I feel that I can throw my .02 in.

Hypothetical situation. What if by some chance, you had an exceptional factory rifle where all the planets were aligned and it was made extremely well? How would you know? Give it a shot (no pun) for a few sessions. It's not going to hurt anything and will give you some practice.

Then, if you do not like it the way it sits, either have it tuned as a .30-06, or sell it if you want a .308. If you try to convert it you are asking for trouble and expense. There is an easy way out in any of the possible scenarios

I believe there was a guy on here a while back that had a stock .308 with some low end (not a dig or put down) accessories and I believe it shot .5 MOA all day long. If your rifle shot .5 MOA and you wasted time, money and effort to try and get it to shoot better all you are going to accomplish is a waste of time, money and effort..

The point is you don't know what you have until you see it first hand. I just don't want you to possible make a mistake.

$.02 Do with what you wish
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Scopes, you brought up some good points.

When I first bought my 300 Win Mag, I had no money left over for quality optics but I really wanted to shoot that rifle...So, I picked up a cheapie scope and you guys don't want to know how cheap it was. I shot the rifle with that glorified toy on it while I saved for something better, and had fun learning about my rifle. By the time I put something better on it I had mastered its trigger, grown accustomed to the recoil, and was familiar with handling the rifle inside and out. And it was fun. I had really, really wanted to shoot that rifle. I knew afterwards that a trigger job would be a good idea, and with that done it shot better. Then I decided to leave it alone, because it wouldn't be cost effective to play with it much further.

If you just have the work done before you shoot the rifle, you won't know if the changes you are making are helping or hurting, and it will give you good reference for what 30-06 can do. I'm not trying to sway your choice of caliber, but you'll know better what you want, thats all.

It must be satisfying to have a rifle you built up yourself and rebarreled and all. I'm having fun just watching Deadcenter go through the motions of it. Price things out, figure out what the changes you want will cost. If you think its worth it, by all means, do it. As scopes said, the rifle might suprise you...or it might not...but at least you'll know.
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Ok im going to shoot it,but even after i shoot it im still going to replace the barrel and stock.It has pits and deep scratches that i cant get out i tried three times to get it out i filed,sanded(with emries paper)and blued and it still dident look any better and i did this all my self and i even took it to a gun smith to see if he could get them out and he told me that he would have to take the barrel off an machine it,and i figured if im going to have to go to that much truble im just going to get a new barrel.

You guies get me wrong i dont want to replace it its just a plane and simple fact the barrel is in bad shape i dont want to have to shell out the bling to pay for the barrel and the gun smith to put it on,(when its broke fix it)but i will shoot it when i get the time and ill lut you know how it goes .Whare i live thares not many options on whare to shoot and adding that my time is restricted do to the fact that im trying to loose waight to go into the army but when i do ill lut you know.
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