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My Savage 10FP-LE2A Review

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I finally got my savage broken in over the weekend and did some testing with different powder amounts. I loaded from 46.5gr to 43gr of blc-2 with nosler match bthp 168gr bullets. I found that throught the range the accuracy didnt vary tremendously. 46gr was the best which shot just below 1MOA and the others only varied by about 1/2MOA higher from that. I shot 5 shot groups instead of 3 shot groups in which the 46gr load put only three holes(gotta love two shots one hole especially when it happens twice). The weather wasnt the best there was a slight breeze not more than 5mph but around 30 degrees so it was difficult to hold the rifle still due to the coldness. Really like the choate stock compared to the regular standard stock. The scope is the new mueller 4-16x50 which i find to be great for the money. Not as clear as a nikon monarch but close for half the price of one. I plan to try varget powder as i have heard it is a really good powder and sierra match bullets as well. I really like savages accutrigger though i wish mine had a slightly softer pull. Also need to zero it in on the bullseye and reload more shells so i can test bullet depth.

Pic of the 10FP-LE2A

Target at 100yrds(squares are 1in) 46gr load 5 shot group(5 shots, 3 holes)

My fathers 10FP-LE2(standard stock) 46gr loads as above at 100yrds

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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