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My stuff (updated)

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well i got some range time with the Remington 700P
scope was great Mk4 PR 3-9x40mm, harris bi-pod was nice too, might even say that im considering getting another on my varminter just woudlnt have a place to put the VX-I now and i cant not use a perfectly good scope
almost as accurate as the varminter at 100-200y and im going to be trying it at longer distances soon :)
inital break in was at 200y, all of them into a 2 1/2" hole (benchrest and prone)
after break in i put my bi-pod on and went prone.. my prefered position my first group was through the same hole and thats where it stayed, my largest group was about 3/4" @ 100y but that was a slip up on my part, everything else was under 1/2 moa most by a considerable bit
took back to 200y and got similar results... im ready to go out 300y and futher :)
in the prone position or from the bench, supporting my elbows i was getting solid .5" or lower groups, once i farmiliarize myself with the rifle im gonna expect to get those tighter :)

now then my other 'sniper rifle' is the Bushmaster Varminter (.223) with a VX-I 4-12x40mm scope, harris bi-pod
a solid 1/4 moa shooter at 100-200y, 15 lbs with the 4 lb counterweight in the stock and fully loaded

my M4 Carbine, aimpoint ML2 red dot sight and iron sights i can still see out of, 3/4 moa rifle from the bench or prone, my first gun, lightweight at about 6 lbs, have .22 LR conversion unit for it, helped me get a lot of practice indoors and outdoors, the way i got practice in was 500 rounds a day, every day for 2 weeks straight , still use it a bit but also have a Ruger PC9 to shoot with indoors... old and warn out but still works (on 2nd firing pin though)

sometimes use my lower w/ the A2 buttstock and 4 lb weight in it, weighs about 12 lbs that way

my Ruger PC9 9mm carbine, takes Ruger pistol mags, only gun i havnt modded, shoots as well as any other pistol caliber carbine but thats not sayin much heh its not a match rifle but it allows me to shoot indoors

well here is all of them

heres my 2 'sniper rifles'
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i think ive done enoguh firearms spending in the last 9 months to warrant a stop to say 0-1 guns a year till i can get them pistols :)
i have more than i need, maybe not more than i want though heh
i could afford some more stuff but im gonna be wise and restrain myself anyway heh
i dont think im gonna be getting anymore for a lil while
i have more than i need but not more than i want :)
im glad it shoots well too :)
spent about $1300 total on the rifle and who knows what im gonna spend on ammo heh
around the same i spent for the varminter and scope/mounts and bi-pod too
and a bit more on the M4 Carbine
and about $600 in mags for both
then the Ruger PC9 i only spent $500 + less than $100 on mags
nice M1A :)
the Bushmaster Varminter is a VERY VERY VERY accurate product you would be happy with the consistant accuracy you get with one, mines a consistant 1/4 moa shooter
Federal Gold Medal Match 175 gr BTHP performed the best
100y group, 3 shots through the same hole, then ajusted, tried to zero... dime for comparison

Federal Match 168 gr BTHP did better at 100y than the 175 gr BTHP at 300y

now my shoulder feels like ive shot .308s for 4 hours
oh wait i ahve been shooting .308s for 4 hours today heh
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the one with the 3 shots almost touching on a full sized target at longer ranges was taken at 300y
the top one i see 2 shots, 3rd must be through the same hole either that or it missed heh
the way its been shooting so far i know that the 3rd shot is in there somewhere just i cant see it examining the target, i know its there.. im confident i didnt miss and then i remember running down there to see what i did, came back to make the ajustments
heh 800y 3 shot group i shot with the Remington 700P with Federal Gold Medal 175 gr BTHP :)
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