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My stuff

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my Bushmaster M4A3 Carbine and my Ruger PC9 9mm carbine and my mags

another pic... looks a lil bad damn camera angle heh

my brand new Bushmaster Varminter upper receiver... lower receiver is coming soon... 2 week wait period for that... and a Remington 700P is going to be coming in a few months anyways heres the Bushmaster Varminter

another angle
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is it just me or did my picture go out?
says hosted by tripod

*edit* fixed problem or so i think by going to photobucket

Nice stuff....yeah tripod wont let you link pics to thier site.
i cant wait to shoot the varminter some more... just broke in barrel... didnt do anything else yet
i want to run a lot of differnt loads through it see how it does :)

yea tripod was gettin a bit frusterating
it worked for a second then it stopped working
What kind of scope do you have on the Varminter?
Leupold VX-I 4-12x40mm
works really well for it but if i didnt have that scope already i would have gone with something bigger.. a VX-III probably
finally got my new lower reciever :)
my Bushmaster Varminter (right)
24" extra heavy chrome molysteel barrel 4150, Leupold VX-I 4-12x40mm scope, harris bi-pod, A2 stock w/ 4 lb weight in storage compartment, brings total weight upto about 15 lbs, trigger 2.5 lbs
shoots 1/4 moa
my Bushmaster M4A3 Carbine(middle)
14.5" barrel + 1.5" muzzle brake, A3 sights, ultra light tele stock, un ajusted trigger
shoots 3/4 moa
my Ruger PC9
16" barrel 9mm carbine, good plinker.. 2-4" groups @ 100y (2-4 MOA) w/ ammo it likes and 1/2" groups @ 25y w/ most cheap budget ammo...
have more mags but no room to put them on couch
not bad for 1 years worth of gun collecting :)
new gun coming soon, Remington 700P in .308

*edit* differnt picture was deleted and another picture with the same name took its place, just a more current one so ill leave it in here*
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! handguns? :wink:

Nice stuff Jeff.
im gonna be 19 in July, gotta wait 2 years after that to get a pistol permit... yea i know i can have that stuff but i cant have a damn .22 LR or .22 mag revolver for target shooting till im 21
believe me when im old enough im going for the permits and then ill spend away... ill have 4 before ive been a gunowner for 9 months, think that my spending spree will slow down to 0-1 per year until im 21 heh
i got a cheap airsoft pistol that came free with $100 of ammo from it cracked slightly though when i pushed the mag latch and the mag fell about 6 feet to the rug lol
well ive gotten my Remington 700P, scope mounted on it, cant take home till friday so theres a cell phone pic of it :)

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Looks good so far... cant wait to c how it shoots
i cant either
stock feels comfy, trigger is nice and light, action is nice and smooth
gun feels nice and light compared to my now 15 lb varminter yet holding it (not shooting) it seemed perfectly stable in the standing and prone positions
overall the rifle appears to be a good quality product

today woulda been a nice range day though... shame im still on my 14 day wait...4 days left

Looks nice Jeff......26 inch barrell right?

The problem with a gun like that is you tend to go upgrade crazy.....try to put a few hundred rounds through it so you know what you actually want to upgrade. Sometimes the things you want to change are the things you end up liking the best and vise versa.
yep thtas the 26" barrel
im aware of the upgrades
trust me what i have now is only the beginning :)
but im gonna a few range sessions to see what i like, dont like and how much the modifications i make will make an improvement
what have you done to your 700 besides changing the stock and how much have they helped accuracy?

Stock.....bolt mod.....trigger job.....and new barrell will be next.....then finally a US Optics scope (after I sell a kidney on the black market)

I didn't notice the stock doind a great deal for accuracy ....but then again I was still learning at the time I put it on.
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