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Do you think i will get one MOA?

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My Testing

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I am going to the Range (hopefully) thursday and will take my Remington ADL in 30-06. I will test 3 different grains 180, 165 and 150. I will take a 3 shot group with each of them to see the lowest MOA i can get with a Mass Produced rifle. This is my gun and the 3 different shells.
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Not knowing what type of ammo you are using, makes it a bit rough to make an informed decision. So, I will simply PRESUME that you are NOT using handloads, and seeing as they are all non-match grade soft points, I suspect the answer is likey a no.
my answer is maybe
the ADL is designed to be a hunting rifle, its got a thin barrel opposed to a heavy barrel on most of the tactical rifles
the ADL isnt made to shoot minute of angle, more minute of deer and as a hunting rifle with its synthetic stock it makes an all around hunting rifle
run match ammo trhoguh it i think you can get better groups with it.. honelsty ive fired a bit of ammo through my Rem 700P now, accuracy out of Black Hills 168 gr, Federal's 155, 168 and 175 gr match loads were great, even the 144 gr FMJ gave pritty good accuracy but the rounds were all long on those, the 150 gr American Eagle brand FMJ had a shorter bullet and did not do nearly as well nor did the hunting ammo do nearly as well as match ammo
what gunsmithing if any was done to the gun? i dont believe the ADL has an aluminum bedding block does it? if not without a bedded action accuracy potential of the gun probably wont be reached
im guessing with that ammo you wont get 1 moa or better but if you try match loads you might
let us know how it goes... ive shot a BDL in .30-06 with iron sights with 168 gr BTHP match, was able to group 1 1/4" @ 100y, it was my friends rifle and i dropped a deer with it at 200y with hunting ammo
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Jeffvn said:
Not knowing what type of ammo you are using, makes it a bit rough to make an informed decision. [\quote]


THe 180s are Remington Core Locts soft point
The 165s areFederal Vital Shok Sierra Gameking btsp
The 150 are Handloads soft point
With no wind my 30-30 can just make 1 MOA. I guess I could scan some targets....

Oh, and thats using 170gr. Remington Core Lokt. Sometimes to gun gods take pity on you, sometimes they dont.
true some hunting rifles can hold 1 moa
depends on the shooter, what ammo they like.. still more common will be 1.5 - 2 moa range
Im gunna go with a educated no because there isnt a maybe vote : P. Id bet maybe 1.5 with the 165 But it really depends on winds, how good the shooter is.
Well believe it or not my MOD(Minute of Deer aka Angle)(lol) was 1". second hot smaked the center of the bullseye. The third shot was 3/4 MOD off.

This was olny done with 165 with barley any wind< i would have taken a picture of the target but ithad 30-06, .260 and .221 fireball holes in it :D
thats good it looks like you proved all of us wrong :)
Just the one group fired? Or was that 1" average of all groups?

Sounds like it might be a good shooter


That was just one group, mainly because ionly had a box of 165 and 6 180s didnt want to wast all of it. And i didnt want to make the shoulder too tender for trap shooting :D . i didnt think the rifle had that much recoil.
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