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My Very First Gun

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Hey Guys.I just wanted to let you know my bro has a remignton 700p. He got the lugs laped and has badger ordinance rings and a dd ross bass.He also has a m4 8.5x-25x50 m1 leupold scope on there.It has a lame stock cause he traded stocks but he is going to sell it to me for 500 dollars. He said hes not going to sell me the scope cause worth more than the gun but he sais he will leave it on there until he gets his H-S Precision HTR.He has to buy a ingagement ring and stuff before that. He told me it will be like 1-2 years untill he will propose.So, knowing all that good stuff do you guys think i should buy it from him for $500?
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Keep in mind its my very first gun since im only 15.
If you are 15 you cant legally purchase that gun for three more years.
I think his father or someone will take posession of it for him, right?

If so, I say buy it dude, seems like a great setup. You keep the rings and bases, right? just the scope has to go home someday? 500 seems to be a good deal, you could spend the extra money on a good stock and be well.
What kind of stock is it? What makes it lame?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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