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My Xmas present

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well i figured people are posting pics of their knives, so ill post a pic of mine (caution EXTREEMLY SHARP)
although its not traditional, it looks pretty cool

to go along with this i also have a full size katana
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CCW is needed to carry a 4"+ blade CONCEALED. In montana, I can wear a sword on my hip as long as its not concealed. Beyond the funny looks I would get, there is nothing wrong in MONTANA with doing this.

Other states (and countries) will be different

Bayonets are usually not longer than about 9" blade. But every armed force is different.

The USMC still uses swords for their officer dress uniforms. Purely show, not used in battle.

Nope, it is fine, its very facinating to me. Just as long as every thread doesn't turn into the history of ancient warefare we'll be okay

1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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