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My Xmas present

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well i figured people are posting pics of their knives, so ill post a pic of mine (caution EXTREEMLY SHARP)
although its not traditional, it looks pretty cool

to go along with this i also have a full size katana
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Nice sword Max338...I like!

Heck, if people are allowed to carry those, I'll start totin my axe lol
Dunno about swords here, but knives are legal provided they aren't concealed...As Jeff said, no switches or butterflies or any of that junk, but there's nothing wrong with a regular knife. During hunting season there's all kindsa guys moving around with knives clipped to their belts wearing camo stopping in town on their way up to hunting camps. I think pocketknives are okay in the pockets, but that I am not sure about. I think a sword would fly but I have never seen it attempted lol...

Selling swords seems to be a different matter though. Think you need to get a permit for that. I was at a comics convention in Toronto last year where this year someone got in trouble for selling "Lord of the Rings" swords and such. Could be he sold one to a minor or something dumb, but I think it was a permit issue.
Any ole gunslinger woulda had em dead to rights, scatch :p

Just joshin now, people...don't freak lol
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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