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Have any of you heard of this manufacturer of telescopic sights?
I am fairly sure it is an American company which specialises in sporting scopes.

For my air rifle I have a NcStar 6-24x50 mil-dot scope with illuminated recticle (11 different brightness levels), and a more practicle 4x30 scope.

The larger scope cost me round about £80, so I guess around $140, while the smaller scope cost me £15, about $25.

Now, I don't know much about scopes, but these two I have are cheap yet effective. They both keep their zero despite the strange recoil/vibrations of spring air guns, and they both giver a perfectly focussed and clear picture up to the very edge of the scope.

These being cheap, what exactly makes more expensive scopes worth the money? I mean, in what way are they better?
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