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Neck Turning

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I was just wandering if neck turning is worth the hastle. I only use lapua and norma brass, only norma if lapua doesnt make a certain caliber, and was wandering if it is beneficial to accuracy if I neck turned the cases. Those are very high quality cases and im not sure if it will help.
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Neck turning

Neck turning is a mixed blessing. It is very beneficial with bench rest rifles that are purposely made with tight chambers.

In a sporter or varmint rifle, however, I avoid neck turning. I fear that you can screw up case tension in a regular chamber. But in a non-bench rest rifle, you probably won't be able to notice any accuracy enhancements from neck turning.

If you are using Lapua or Norma brass, you are using probably the best brass around. And that brass is really, really uniform. And with this brass, they even drill the flash holes. ( Instead of punching them) This eliminates the burrs usually found around flash holes.

So I say forgo neck turning.

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