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I need a good Tac-Vest, the trouble is i want to be able to buy specific things to put in specific places. I.E. if i want my .45 mags to be on my left and the next week on my right, much like the Blackhawk MOLLE stuff but most of their stuff has velcro (NO VELCRO), snaps or pressure buckles. I also need to have my drop-leg stuff to be able to do the samething, hope someone can help

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I don't know much about tactical vests as such, but if youi want a good assault vest, I would recomend getting a British army style one from SASR, who customise them with many options. ... ltvest.jpg

or ... ltvest.jpg

There optional extras:

"Size Enlarger:
For the bigger person and/or when the vest is worn over body armour. Three, fully adjustable Delrin 500T buckles and IRR Web Straps attach to vest closure buckles

Para Cord Points:
Eyelet with reinforcing plastic washer in pouch lid. Price per lid

Hydration Pack Carrier:
Velcro fastening flap top, to stop presure opening made from the OD Mesh Material as the vest. Will carry most2/3 Litre Hydration Packs

Hydration Tube Holders:
Two press stud closing straps, for holding hydration tube on left shoulder

Hydration Tube Holders (Thermal Cover):
As above but longer strap to accomodate tube with thermal sleeve

Respirator Pouch Attachment Twin Delrin 500T Buckles:
Attach issue respirator bag in best carry position by your thigh.

Adjustable Cargo/SA80 Bayonet Buckles and Straps:
Located in space between left hand utility pouch and mesh back. Strap on extra kit or bayonet frog belt loop through upper web strap whilst lower web strap and buckle keeps frog secure.

Ammo Pouches Velcro Closure Tabs:
Enables instant closure when ammo pouch lid dropped.

Personal Role Radio Pouch Strap:
Issue personal role radio pouch twin buckles, fasten securely behind two web tunnels."

Of course they are all IRR and all that. I am more a webbing person myself, but if i wanted a vest that is what I would go for.
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