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I am writing a screenplay that involves a sniper. I am not even sure what questions I should be asking, but I have this picture of the landscape ... D%26sa%3DG

which is where I would like the sniper to be.

He is SAS and is in the Northern part of Ethiopia near the border of Eritrea. He is near a known route that an Al Q type terrorist group leader usually takes between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

The terrorist leader travels in a convoy and usually stops in a village that is in the valley below.

How would you kit this guy out? Does he work alone? How far away should he be? How long can a sniper stay in the field waiting for his target? Is there any jargon that I could incorporate into his dialogue?

Can a sniper do this?

Anything that you can add will be appreciated.



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If you would like, you can email me directly at [email protected], about every other week I answer one of these types of questions for authors and screen writers.

Yes, it could be done.
No, it is extremely unlikely it WOULD be done. It depends on how realistic you want your screenplay to be.
Never alone, would certainly have at least a teammate (spotter) and more than likely an insertion/security element if they were operating alone.
The kit would depend a lot on how long in country, how they were operating (attached to a larger group, etc) and some other factors. For SAS, weapon would probably be L115A1 in .338 Lapua. Range would want to be around 1000 depending on security, terrain, E&E, etc etc.

Pop me an email, I can provide more details with some additional questions answered.

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