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Need info...

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Does anyone know where I can buy gifts(relating to sniper) online? The reason I am asking is that a friend of mine had to leave from our tactical team, and he was a fellow sniper. The guys on the team want to buy him a gift, but I have been searching for a while and cannot find any good links. By the way, I am a sniper for FBOP- Special Operations Response Team so the gift would need to be tied in with Correctional Dept.

Thanks in advance.
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This is going to be easy and hard - way too much room to wander. A price range would really help. Anything that you specifically DO NOT want it to be? Some off the top of my head tactical shooter suggestions:
Optics are nice (and not always too expensive), like a laser rangefinder, a spotting scope; a fixed power red-dot scope for rifle or shotgun. If your guy is a reloader, that opens a whole other area of possible giving.
Hey Jeffvn,
I appreciate the reply. We found a place to purchase the gift. Found a statue of a sniper with an engraving plate on it. It's nice.

By the way, I live down the street from you in Beaumont.

Thanks again.
Mind telling us more details about the gift and where you got it?

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