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ok.... im not so sure i know if this is the right spot for this... but i was wondering if anybody knew anything about the Third Leg(mickey fowler). I read a little bit about it in a magazine that happened to have one on a rifle similar to the one i have... Would like to know where i can get one, cost, and if they are worth having??? I would also like to know about anti-cant devices and which ones are the best.


GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.... Although I did see one time where the gun actually killed a person, it was the weirdest thing I ever did see.
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For anti-canting.... some people use the level bubbles that are available to attach to your scope. Personally I do not like them... just something else that looks like a tumor attached to my scope, gets in the way, has the potential to break, and I have to camo. I compare the horizontal crosshair to the horizon as best I can to prevent canting.

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