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Need suggestion for a good M1A scope mount

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I have tried numerous scope mounts for my M1A and have not been happy with any of them. The third generation mount was too bulking, heavy, and the screws always came loose. I also tried an aluminum copy of the military version but is wasn't strong enough. Does anybody have any suggestions of the best mount to buy? I need one that won't move on me yet isn't too bulky and heavy. Thanks!
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Try the Brookfield Precision Tool or the Smith Enterprise mounts. The BPT is used on the M-25 and is a good solid mount, but it not a fly-weight piece of equipment. The Smith is a near clone of the BPT. Another decent mount is the Leatherwood. This is used on the M-21 and is also pretty stout. You are not going to get a lightweight mount that will hold a solid zero on an M1A. Between recoil, bolt operation, etc. there's just too much violent motion taking place for a lightweight unit to withstand. I would look somewhere else to try and save weight and leave the beef in the critical components. Good luck

K2, thanks for the advise. I just ordered the Brookfield mount today and looking forward to trying it out. The only knock I have on the M1A is this optics mounting issue. The design IMHO should have better factored in this weaver style mounting issue. Oh well - I still love the rifle and continue to use it. Thanks again!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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