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New 700LTR

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Hey Mele, I just read an article in Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement about a new prototype Rem. 700LTR in 6.8 SPC. The article didn't give much useful info, so I was wandering if you could write a reveiw about it and tell us how useful you think it is.
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Well, initial impressions were that it was going to be okay because remington just announced that they are loading "match" ammo for the 6.8. Then I went and looked at the specifics of the load, with a 115gr match king, and its a waste. An LTR with 6.8 match ammo offers no advantage over anything that already exists. Well, I guess it has less recoil than the .308, but thats it. Now why don't they load a match load for something that would actually be useful, like a .260 Remington match with sierra 142 Mk, that would out perform the .308 by a long shot, nearly as well as the .300 WM at 1000, and less recoil than the .308.

All they are thinking is to make money on the hype that the 6.8 has received....

Of course, that is only my opinion.

Dumb question, but what's so bad about that?
Heh... well, nothing is really BAD about that, I just wish that they would occasionally do something that was just plain cool and smart. Unfortunately thats not the way the world works, especially for companies attempting to make money, you do whats going to sell and make you money.

So, to "officially" summarize, I see no reason to switch to an LTR in 6.8

It should also be noted that currently only two prototype 700 LTRs in 6.8mm exist. Getting one for review would be extremely difficult, and its basically just the same as any other LTR. I'm not sure remington is going to make it a standard production item, they probably will, but there is still much controversy over the 6.8, and its future is uncertain.

Just my two cents
The 6.8 spc was designed by some guys in the special forces that wanted more fire power than the 223. round, but can still use the ar-15/ m-16 lower, that way it would be cheaper to retrofit the existing m-16's. The 260 would have more power but you would have to use a ar-10 lower . As for the remington LTR, It would make a good urban tactical rifle. less chance of a round going through a bad guy and hitting a good guy, but still has more punch than a 223.

Yeah, thats kind of my point. The 6.8 is/was designed around the Ar15, which its fine (I still like the 6.5 Grendal better for that purpose) but I dont' see a lot of value in loading it for the LTR. I think the 6.8 doesn't hold enough power, especially the light 115gr bullets going through glass, or obsticles to be considered a good tactical load. Of course, just my opinion.

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