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Service Publications has announced the availability of "Without Warning - 20th Century Sniper Equipment of the Canadian Army" by Clive M. Law. This is #8 in the UpClose series of specialty books from Service Publications. The book examines the rifles, telescopic sights and camouflage of the front-line sniper. The book starts with the First World War and the use of the Ross rifle married to the US Warner-Swayze scope and continues to the MacBros .50 calibre rifle and its use in Afghanistan where a record 'hit' was made. Special attention is paid to the many variations of rifle and scope used in the trenches of the First World War as well as the use of the venerable Lee-Enfield and No.32 scope of the Second World War. There is all-new information on Canadian production as well as development of experimental rifles ands scopes during the war. The book also covers the controversial C3 and C3A1 as well as the US Garand in Canadian use and the FN series of rifles. The book will be available for shipment on 1 September.

"Without Warning", ISBN 1-894581-16-4, 80 pages, 110 illustrations, softcover, 8 12/ x 11 inch format,
Retail CDN$29.95 (Approx. US$22.95)
Discount schedule; 1 to 19 copies - 40%. 20+ copies - 50%.

On-line orders at
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