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New guy equipment

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Hi guys my name is wesley i'm 20. I live in Carencro Louisiana. I just had a custom tactical rifle built. Its a remington model 700 BDL its been all trued up, sako extractor, 7 heavy shelin barrel with flutes, Mcmillian A-5 stock with thumbwheel cheek piece, 3 way butt plate, harris bipod, and a Nightforce 5.5-22 with a mildot which is sitting on Bager ordance rings and mounts. Also all parts have been parkarised and dura coated.
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That was my post i was logged in just yall will know my s/n
i shoot ta three shot group in one hole last week i just got it last monday. Oh and by the way its a 300 win mag.
federal medal match 190 gr.
And how much exactly did all that run you? It was custom built for you and apparently using nothing but the best!
It ran about 4400 with the doner action. Yeah it started off simple but as i went i add this then that and that is what it came out as also i just added a bager ordnace knob.
Well ima have to double check on the price i just put i think it was more than 4400. I will talk the gun shop and let u know. They do great work but still reasonable. As soon as i get a pic on here i will show yall.
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