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new project

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Well i was walking through walmart today, needing to pick up some ammo. They have a Remington 700 ADL synthetic in 270 win for $370. I think im gunna buy this sucker, and shoot it while i save up money for barrel, trigger, truing, and all the other good stuff. I know that its a walmart gun, but i plan on changing everything about it. So what do yall think....good or bad idea?
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i was thinking the same thing (wiht a similar gun) untill a friend of mine bought one and soon after found out that it had been dropped and dinge up pretty bad(BIG ding on the tip of the barrel). If this is any indicator of how wal-mart treats thier weapons stock i would pass heh.

just my .2
Just check the rifle closely before walking out the door. I also noticed that walmart is selling the ADL's for $379. Which, even with an FFL, I have a hard time beating that price. (primarily because I have to pay for shipping).

I'm all for it....


Dumb question about actions here. If you were to take one of those wally world ADL's and say my Sendero and BDL custom deluxe and remove the barrels would they all be the same action? Or do they make heavy duty actions for tactical type rifles? Or are they caliber specific? Did I manage to confuse you yet?

Okay, stripped down to the basics, its the same action between ADL or BDL.

You start off with long action, or short action, which is caliber dependent.

Then you go to ADL or BDL. The BDL has the hinged floorplate, the ADL has no floor plate (blind magazine). The ADL magazine is slightly different also, there is a tiny screw that holds the magazine well to the action on the ADL's, the BDL's do not have this, as the floorplate holds the magazine in place.

The triggers, bolts, and action itself, are the same.

There is a 3rd action size called "small" which is a short action setup for the .223 and small case head cartridges.

Finally, the bolt face size is important, because you need the right size based on the cartridge you want to shoot. There are 3 "main" case diameters. Magnum, .30-06, and small (these are the semi-common names for them). The Magnum is the .30-06, 7mm's, and other magnum type cartridges (including the new short magnums). The .30-06 is the most common and includes the -06 (obviously), .308, .270, .243, etc etc etc. The small is the .223's, 222's, .17 Rems, etc. When action hunting, be sure you know the caliber you want your future project to be in so you get the right bolt face diameter, or else you are up the creek. The new short magnums are a pain because they are a short action (means shorter bolt) with a magnum case head diameter. This combination was not manufactured until the new short mags, so finding a used action to work with is not easy.

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So in theory I can go start looking in pawn shops and wherever and see if I can find a good deal one "lets say" a 308. I find one and the price is a steal. It is an ADL and has the light barrel for hunting use only. Could I scrap the barrel and stock and replace it directly with a new heavy barrel and say a Choate or AI or MCMillan stock? What else would I be getting in to? Would I be opening a huge can rattlesnakes, I mean worms, that constantly come back to bite me in the you know what as I am trying to build this rifle up?

Thank again for your help.
Well, no, not really, the problem is the stock.

No problem changing the barrel, piece o' cake.

You can use a McMillan stock IF You tell them its an ADL and they inlet the stock as such. The Choate (and standard McMillan) is for BDL's and there is a big hole in the bottom of the stock where your floorplate is suppose to go, the ADL has no floor plate. Now, you can buy a floorplate from Brownell's for $82 and then turn your ADL into a BDL. Thats pretty easy.

hope I didn't confuse you any further.

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