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Its time for a new Spotting Scope...
My experience is pretty much limited to the US Army issued M49 and M144 (Bushnell Elite) scopes.. Looking at the new M144/Elites I see there is quite alot that is different. Im not exactly sure where to start looking either....

Any thoughs on the new Bushnell Elites???
What do you guys prefer to use?

I'd like to keep cost uder that of a Leupold Mk4 if I can help it.

rob OUT

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Well, most of my experience is the same as yours using the M144, which is a decent unit.

I have recently picked up a burris 20x compact and it is about on par with the M49, it is one of their cheaper models, and its built in china. The price is right, but like with most optics, you get what you pay for.

Personally, I am longing for a leupold tactical spotting scope with mil-dots. For the last 10 years I've been saying "put mil-dots in a spotting scope please", and finally someone did! Unfortunately, the spotting scope is $900.

I really like nikon's spotting scopes and burris's HIGH end models.

I will have a review of my burris 20x compact on the site soon.

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