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New to this Please help me

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First of all let me say thank you to Mel and those on this forum for I found alot of questions answered in the threads.

I just bought my first rifle and was wondering your advice, first of all here is what I bought:

Remington LTR .308
Leupold M1 10x40 (w/M4 rings and Badger rail)
Harris Bipod
Whole bunch of Federal Match

Now here is the question. I haven't even recieved any of this stuff, but I am already wanting to customize the gun :( I am wondering if the following list is a good choice or if I should look down other allies or companies.

Accuracy International 1.5 Chassis
Lothar & Walther barrel
Badger bolt knob

I can't find much out about the barrel and that worries me, so if anyone has experience with one please let me know. Also, what type of gunsmithing needs to be done to one of these rifles so increase performance? I am sorry for all the questions (and rambling), but I am truely grateful for your help.

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Blair ok wow your page is great
ok enuf on that
hear's it is

as far as the barrel's go to:
(id use a Kreiger barrel but that's just me)
Just in case:
The stock (or chassis system)
Accuracy International (EXCLENT SYSTEM)
and the bolt knob and rail

and as for the gun smith go with the best one that you can find and do as much shooping as you can becouse if the gun smith is not a good one and he @#$% up and dosent do something right it could throw off the accuracy of the rifle and that's not good.

oh and what grain of federal
and when you get it post some pick's id like to see it (if you need help doing this ask mel )
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Personally, I'd shoot the rifle for a few months and at least several hundred rounds of ammunition to see how it does. If its like my PSS, it will shoot 1/2 to 3/4 MOA from the box and you can potentially delay the investment in upgrades for a while, until you decide your priorities for upgrades, and find the proper person to do your work.

After determining your upgrade order (or the tidal wave approach and have it all done at one time). The critical part of this equation is the gunsmith. I can't emphasize enough how critical a decision that one is. a bad one will leave you worse off than you started, and significantly poorer.

If you go with all your projected upgrades, your rifle will be in 3rd party hands for a fairly long time. (My PSS is being upgraded with a new barrel as we speak - I have not seen it in 10 weeks) If you decide you are ultimately going to upgrade something, then you can order it (the AI Chasis) or finich your research.
While (And if) you are at it, get it Bedded, the Action squared, and the bolt and lugs lapped and trued. The SC1 (Mel's rifle) got an increase from .80 MOA to .25 MOA just by getting the action Bedded alone.

I'm with Jeffvn on this tempting as it might be to start upgrading stuff you reall want to spend some time just shooting the thing first.

You said this is your first its really hard to say what will best fit rifle I wanted to sell everything on it but the action.... turns out all the stuff I wanted doesn't really suit my style of shooting and Im glad I didn't go all out.

I would say a trigger job is more important.

Then a new stock (comfort is a very important key to keeping you shoting) but the ACIS chassis isn't for everybody so try one out first.

Then a bigger knob...Im only doing this now because after 3 years I had to shoot with gloves on and it wasn't easy. Most people don't feel the need to do it.

Then a new might as well burn through your old one while you try different ammo and work on your skills. Upgrade it later.

P.S. Love your website....Always been a fan of photography except Im not very good at it :wink:
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i have to also agree with Jeffvn on this heh
try the rifle out first...
im going to get a Remington 700P for range work and if its shooting at where i want it to i wont bother bedding the action and everything else i might do
as far as stock choose the one thast most comfortable and looks the coolest
im personally leaning twards McMillian A4 maybe M40A1 stock but also considering AI and HS Precision.. cant make up my mind and im not getting anything till i get the rifle and try out the HS Precision stock it comes with.. if that stock is good then ill leave it alone heh
anyways shoot the gun see how differnt loads do... after a few months you still want to improve the accuracy by all means do it
Well I will go with the suggestions so far and shoot the gun for a while and look for a very good gunsmith. Anyone by chance know one in AZ ? As for the stock, I might hold off a bit, but not too long, for I have wanted an AI stock since the 6th grade :) (childhood dreams, arn't they powerful) :)
Thanks again guys, truely good to have this board.
I agree with you completely about the look of the AI stock / chasis. But since I have yet to actually see one in person, much less look through a scope mounted to one, I've stuck to McMillan and HS Precision/ 700PSS. If I had the extra $$$$$ to burn I'd simply buy one on spec that it might fit and that I might like it. no such luck.
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