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New varmit and target rig

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I have been wanting a new Remi 700 in 204 or 223 for some time for varmit and target shooting. I just do not know too much about ballistics. I have a question about ballistics though. Acording to the sight the .204 40gr. @ 500 yards is moving at 2133 and an energy of 404 ft lbs. Yet the .223 55gr. is moving at 1598fps and an energy of 312 ft. lbs. My question is would I be better goin with the 223 or the 204 even thought the bullet is of lesser grain. If I would get either I would use the Hornady 32gr. or 40 gr. ammo for the .204 and Federal 69gr. for the 223. So what is better? The .204 claim to fame is over 4000 fps. I relize this equals flatter shooting but that is really not much consern to me. I just want to invest in a good varmit/target round. Any input is very much appreciated.
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The faster the round goes the less you have to lead your target making it easier to maintain sight-picture on that coyote while he hauls ass with one of your chickens (I'll just use the farming analogy) hanging from his jaws.
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