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newbie needs advice, several questions.....

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hi guys...i have a remington 700 PSS that i'm interested in learning to shoot well in the 500-1000 yard range. i'm not a hunter or professional sharpshooter,this is simply for fun.i have a mil-dot master,ballistic cards,etc. and i pretty much understand all that, at least in theory. on a foolish whim, i bought a smith and wesson scope that i got really cheap (4-18X,42mm.) but after reading up on the internet,i'm thinking something else may be more ideal. i'm looking for the best quality glass i can afford,mil-dot reticle,parallax adjustable,target knobs and high internal adjustability. i know this stuff ain't cheap, but cost is a factor,this is after all,just a hobby. i've considered several options that i've seen recommended here ( nikon buckmaster tactical,bushnell elite tactical,super sniper,etc.). i'm possibly leaning towards something with fixed power,is 10x enough? also,if i get a 1" tube, will i later be wishing i'd gotten 30mm? i'd like to spend less,but the 20X mk4 leupold for $669 i just saw recommended was tempting, but isn't that way more power than i'd want,even trying to get out to 1000 ? anyway,all advice,either general or on specific scopes for my purposes will be much appreciated......
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Well, this is never an easy question.

First, we need a budget.

second, what type of shooting at 500-1000? Will it be unknown distance? Benchrest type? Just plinking?

The big problem you are going to have is going to be the up adjustment range. With .308, at 1000 you need a lot of up elevation. A 20 MOA or 15 MOA tapered base helps, but you will still need at least 60 MOA available. That is where the 30mm tubes shine, not only does the 30mm give better light gathering/transmission, but it gives you a much more adjustment ranges. But it is not required to go with a 30mm tube, there are some good 1" scopes that have enough adjustments. Including Sightron SII's, Some leupolds, Mueller, and some others. If you were willing to scale back to 800yards, the field greatly opens, as you only need about 40 MOA with a tapered base.

If you are doing extreme benchrest shooting at those ranges, you will want as much magnification as possible. But, I doubt you are, and you do not want to limit your flexibility by over magnifying your scope. For long range shooting, I generally recommend 1x per 100 yards you plan to shoot at. If you are going to 1000, then get 10x. Etc. This is not a hard rule, just kind of a rule of thumb. For a lot of 1000 yard shooting, 12x would be good, as would 14x. I don't recommend going above 16x. In fact, I'd scale back on power and scale up on quality.

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many thanks for the timely and detailed response,mel. you are correct,i won't (likely) be doing any benchrest shooting, and shortening my 1000 yard goal a bit isn't a big deal. i know you said (as a rule) that 1X per 100 yards works,but i've been looking at a couple 3-9X scopes,in particular the leupold MK4 PR 3-9x 40,1" tube. it can be found for $449,and that includes shipping and a set of STANDARD leupold bases and rings. seems a decent deal for the money/quality,considering this is essentially just a toy. does this sounds OK for my applications,or would you suggest i keep shopping?thanks again.....
This is one of the places that me and mel differ. Mostly cause my eyes are so bad, i really prefer a higher power scope. I would probably go to at least a 12x.
That setup would work fine and isn't bad including the rings and bases. I'm not sure if you have seen the special going on some PR 3.5-10x scopes offered by sniper dog. They are $420 and would be a nice setup also.

I respect spade's opinion on this also, and may actually agree with him in a few more years when my eyes tank (more). But for general long range plinking and not competitive target shooting, the 1x rule works... (for me)

thanks again,guys. yes, i would prefer the 10X. but who or what is "sniper dog"? i tried to google it,and came up with nada.
sniperdog is a member of this forumn, works for a LEO supply company.
thanks again....i just did a search here and found his store, kieslers,but their website said law enforcement only,kinda leaves me out of the loop.but that scope had a duplex,i was looking for a mil-dot. his original e-mail was over a week old,i would guess the few he had are gone by now. but has the vari-XIII 3.5-10X 40mm. W/target knobs,duplex on sale for $389.
For SC members, you do not need to be LE to order from sniperdog.

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