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Newbie needs help - AI in .338 Lupua

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I am going to purchase a well designed, durable, weatherproof, accurate rifle capable of true sniper duty. I was considering a Chandler made rifle from Iron Brigade Armory in .338 Lapua, but understand that AI is fully capable of filling this role.

Objective comparisons will be very much appreciated. Also, suggestions for the "best" in optics and bases, cost not being a factor.

Thanks very much,

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You will get several different answers, as some of your questions will be based on opinion.

Comparing Chandler to AI, the AI rifle is built more for field work. The AI chassis system is a brilliant design when it comes to rugged and ease of field maintenance. The Chandler rifles have a lot of hand finished detail put into them. The chandler will probably be just a tad bit more accurate, but the AI is better suited for rough field work.

In terms of optics, once you get into the very high quality glass, they are all comparable and excellent. Ones to look at include Leupold Mk4, US Optics, Zeiss, Schmidt and Bender, Swarovski, Steiner... and a few others.

Rings and bases: Leupold Mk4 and Badger Ordenance are the popular choices, and for good reason, they are excellent. The BO bases give you the option of a 20MOA taper, Leupold does not. There are some other very high quality setups here also...


Thank you for your comprehensive answer to my question. The answer to my question "came down on all fours" and is very helpful.

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