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Newbie question about 700SA barrel changes

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Hello - I'm a handgun guy and have just ordered my 1st rifle. It's a Remington 700 SA BDL in .308. My plan is to upgrade it to more of a 'sniper' spec rifle in the next 3-4 mo. The only thing I'm going to use is the action, otherwise will be getting McMillan stock, and Rock Creek barrel, then having GA Precision acuraize it.

My question is this: Do I need a new bolt for a different chamber? I want to go with either WSM or Rem SA Ultra Mag?

Also does anyone prefer WSM vs. SAUM?

Thanks for your help!
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Yes, to go to either WSM or SAUM you will need to open up the bolt face to magnum case head diameter. The .308 has a .473 case head diameter and the WSM and SAUM have .532.

If I had to chose I would take the WSM, it is more popular and even Remington is chambering their new SPS in .300 WSM. I believe it holds a tad bit more powder also (if you are a hand loader).

Mel's exactly right, so trying not to repeat him...

When you get your new barrel, it will be chambered "short" probably. Ask if its chambered yet...If it is chambered short, it means your smith will have to ream it a little deeper and set your headspace when he installs it. Like Mel said, bolt face has to be wider. Those WSMs are short and fat.
Great! Thanks for the help! Barrel isn't made yet...

Do any other cartriges use a bolt of the same diameter? If I find a bolt on ebay or something what other than a .300 WSM or SAUM could it come from?
I think a smith could alter yours, rather than finding a new one.
The thing with the WSMs and SAUMs is that they are magnum bolt face mixed with short action. That is a new combo that wasn't available until the WSM's came out. So, you would have to find a WSM or SAUM bolt, but like was mentioned, a smith could open your existing bolt face if he knows what he's doing. Not sure what cost would be

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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