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Newbie question

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I’m a complete newbie when it comes to rifles. I've been browsing through this site for quite some time and I'm really impressed by the site and by the courtesy and patience you people extend to newbies.

I am from the Philippines and it's relatively difficult to own a rifle here. By law, Filipinos can only own under license a maximum of only one low-powered rifle caliber 22 and one pistol or revolver, not higher than caliber .38 except caliber .357 and caliber .22 center fire magnum. :?

I was wondering about the difference between a cal .22LR and a cal .22MRF? Does LR stand for "long rifle"? What does MRF mean? Are all cal .22LR/MRF rifles rimfire? With the above stated "law", I guess legally owning a .223 rifle would be out of the question then?

Thank you all for your time and my apologies for my ignorance... :?
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the .22WMR is the only .22 Mag that I am familiar with, so yes, I believe they are the same

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