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Once i felt I had the basics down, I started shooting with a spotter who was a range officer at the range I joined. I started shooting at known distances before I tackled unknown distances. The range also hosts PRS style shoots which are a lot of fun. Humbling but fun. For me the one on one interface with the spotter got me to dial in my range card and get a sense of whether shooting ap was on. Calculating unknown distances is useful, but I practiced out to a 1000yds at known distances, then when I had my elevation numbers for a set of environmentals, then I took on unknown distance estimation.

IMO Trigger time.... their is no substitute. Keep good records on your range time. What you record depends on whether you dial dope on your scope or hold on a reticle. Record your environmentals, dope or hold for elevation and wind, POA, POI for each shot. THAT TAKES A LOT OF DISCIPLINE to do, but it does pay off when you later evaluate what you did that worked and what you did that didn't work. Also if you pull a shot make sure you note that in your records so you don't blame the rifle for your mistake. The other plus to the record keeping is that it slows your rate of fire that helps your barrel not get so hot. I've done the book work for some friends I was spotting for and vice Versa. The only thing is there are different range logs, so doing logs for a buddy can be a challenge. Lastly, don't rush your shots. You'll have time for that at PRS shoots if you decide to participate. My .02

Good luck
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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