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Newby to shooting Help on rifle

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hi im new to shooting and im considering purchasing a rifle. Ive only shot a .22 and i havnt shot anything else. i was looking around at remington 700 (.308). well for just beggining i needed some advice and good price ranges. Is it ok to purchase a rifle from a pawn shop? and well any suggestions would help.

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I would suggest you search the rifles section on this forum first, as we have answered many questions about various rifles and calibers, and costs, etc. If you have some specific questions after that, we would be happy to answer those questions!!

Also, be sure to check out the FAQ on the forums section, and on the main page as I answer some of these questions there also.

good luck

I believe 38 of the 50 states allow suppressors now. But you have to fill out the Form 4 and pay the $200 tax stamp. The form 4 involves finger printing and registering the suppressor with its serial number, etc. etc

In terms of building a rifle, there are what is called 80% receivers that you are allowed to finish. It can only be for personal use and you cannot sell the firearm. There is no serial number on the receivers. This is more popular for pistols (1911's, Sigs, etc) and some AR's, but there really is not a lot to chose from, and you have to be at least a little knowledgable about metal working. But there are no full "kits" like for black powder, its not legal.

1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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