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Next time you think your Job Sucks!

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It Could always be worse!

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Man you better hope the shooter likes you and trusts his elevation changes from the 200 to the 500 yard line.
Look how close the target is to what looks like Civilian buildings. The only thing between the target and the wussy looking fence is about 40m. I dont think the paper target is going to slow it down much.

And as far as the little dude holding the target up, I would spend some money and construct horizonatal legs for the bottom and watch from far away.
The new alternative to the "one child" policy? :p
i hope the guy shooting is good and doesnt want to kill me heh
and i thought my last job sucked... heh
My question is why he didn't hire a local kid to do that for him. While he watches from far away. Far, far away.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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