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I’ve used around 20 different range finders over there years. With prices ranging from $100 to $1150. They all left something to be desired. I have wanted a Nikon 4K for the last year but wanted to get it at a better price. Well Cabela’s had the price down from $450 to $350 and was offering 3 times the points on the Cabelas card. I couldn’t resist since that would equate to an additional 21% discount. I took it to the field this past weekend.

Light weight but slightly bigger in the hand compared to most. It felt good and the buttons were well placed. You can change it from yards to meters. I really liked the ability to hold the button and scan for different ranges. The longest ridge line I could range was 2267.8 yards away at 715pm, so lighting conditions weren’t the best. At longer ranges it was harder to freehand the range finder but it did work. With a tripod and better lighting conditions I believe it will go much further. There’s a great review video on YouTube. The guy explains that he ranges a cow at over 2000yds, an oil tank around 3000yds, and a car at 3925yds. After the 30 minutes I used this Nikon throughout the weekend, I believe him. This is hands down the best range finder I have ever used.

Hopefully this helps someone out. I’m not much for doing reviews but I believe this product is so very well priced that I needed to share. This is my first Nikon product in a long time. My only regret is waiting this long to try and find a good deal.

Here’s a crappy picture taken by me while sitting in a tripod 15’ up. Lol

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