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Nikon Tactical

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Hi Mel, I was wondering if you can write a review on the new Tactical line of scopes Nikon started. As of now there are two different scopes, main difference being power and reticle. I heard that the clearity of it is supposed to be better than a Leupold and just as good as a Nightforce or US Optics scope, and very rugged... ... oduct=6690

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As rugged as a US optics - that's a VERY high threshhold. Mel can tell us the differenece.

yeah, ive heard nikon claim that all of their scopes offer a 98 percent light transmission.
ArmourerETU said the nikon scopes were suppose to be as CLEAR as USO, not as rugged.

Nikon scopes are super clear, I really like their optics. I will see if I can get a tactical version for review.

Mike Miller's Nikon Tactical Review

Hi fellas.

New guy here.

I ran across this review by a VERY respected member of the shooting community, Mike Miller.

I like the way Mike breaks stuff down in his no-nonsense style.

For your viewing pleasure! :D Hope it helps. ... ope_II.asp
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