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Just had my first experience with Norma ammo, in 8x57mmJS, or 8 mm mauser.

For all the guys who want to try something new, different bullet designs, or spectacular match ammo with excellent reloading components, or most definately if you shoot any European calibers, hit up Mel or wait for a group buy, the stuff is outstanding. I don't have a chrony to measure spreads, but it is very consistent. I would have ordered through Mel but the paperwork for live ammo is a bear.

The loads I was using are a 196 grain Alaska, a traditional semi-rounded softpoint, and a 196 grain Vulkan, a proprietary bonded round with a truncated tip and lowered lead. It's much like a Core Lokt Ultra or any of the bonded rounds that are new here. They have their own ballstic tipped polymer stuff too, of their own design, and some great target ammo.

The cool thing was, instead of 170 grain round nosed 30-30 looking bullets at 2300 FPS that I am used to here for 8mm Mauser, these 196 grain rounds at 2570 fps made a real impact, and the difference can be felt and heard. Also, with the Kar98K and other 8mm rifles here, the factory ammo never matches up with the trajectories of the rear sights, because of the difference in ballistics. The Norma brings em in dead on, and I'm really looking foreward to hunting with the stuff. Like Mad said, 200 grain in .323 caliber is a pretty serious thing.

Accuracy for an iron sighted rifle was great too, giving several 2 inch 3 shot groups and 3 inch 5 shot groups. Hey, this is Muzz shooting after all lol, and I hate mauser sights.

6.5x55mm Mauser and 7.5x55mm shooters have a whole lot of loads available to them too, that whump our factory loadings.

Give em a try if you want something new.
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