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Novel: Research for political thriller about .338 Lapau round

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I am writer. My first book was a children's book. It has fed over 24,000 children, become part of the national Pajama Program in New York City for bedtime reading, and reached children in refugee camps in sub-Saharan Africa. But now I am working on a political thriller. And with my ongoing research, I need the information to be as accurate and thorough as possible. So, I thought who better to run it past than the men who actually use the rifles and rounds. In the following two paragraphs regarding the .338 Lapau Magnum cartridge - Do you see any inaccuracies within the descriptions that need corrected?

" The 250 grain Scenar Hollow Point Boat Tail (HPBT) projectile is the bullet for the .338 Lapau Magnum cartridge. The diameter of the bullet is .338 inches (8.6 mm) with a lead or lead alloy core wrapped with a copper alloy jacket. A reverse drawn, Open Tip Match (OTM) type bullet with a secant ogive profile rendering a very-low-drag (VLD) and high ballistic coefficient (BC).
The brass case holding the projectile is a rimless, centerfire rifle cartridge developed from the English .416 Rigby case designed in 1911 for big game, necked down to fit the .338 caliber. The assembled cartridge has an overall length of 3.68 inches (93.472 mm) and headspaces on the shoulder instead of a belt. There is a flash hole present in the primer pocket of the cartridge case. The primer is nickel-plated and of the boxer/lead-styphnate type. A large match rifle primer with a brass anvil and cup. It is not staked or crimped, but seated in the cartridge case below the face of the cartridge. Each cartridge contains Hodgdon-1000 propellant with flash reduction additives to ensure temperature stability and ballistic requirements."

Appreciate the help.
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"Beltless Magnum Cartridge"
"The.338 Win Mag is a belted magnum cartridge, while the Lapua.338 Magnum is a larger, non-belted magnum." Thanks. Just looked up an article and reading further about it.
A writer who wants to be accurate about weapons. Wow, I am impressed. Any books or movies with military and or weapons (specifically US Army weapons) get so much wrong, I tend to shy away from even trying to read or watch.

Go get em and thanks for trying to be realistic. Research research research.
Thank you. The general public has no idea regarding the science, mechanics, and sheer physics behind pulling the trigger on a handgun, let alone the kind of weaponry our members of armed forces enter the field to both use and face. The skill and precision is incredible. I am researching scopes now. The factors and types of calculations necessary to execute a successful long-range shot. Appreciate the encouragement. Hope the book turns out worth reading. If not, it can always support the short leg of a table or wedge a door to keep open.
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