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Of Fluted barrels and Tac Ops

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Just a quick thought. I've noticed there is not a single rifle in the Tac Ops line with a fluted barrel. Have they found the fluting would reduce accuracy on their guns? I just wondered, since Tac Ops rifles are considered some of the most accurate in the world.
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well fluting if done wrong will hurt barrel's accuracy
i dont think it will when you do it right... and im sure if tac ops did it they wouldnt do it the wrong way...
ive herd some manufacturers say that fluted barrels improve accuracy but i wouldnt know about that
Fluting a barrel does nothing for accuracy. It can however destroy accuracy if it is not done properly. Some people just don't see any benefit in barrel fluting. You don't save that much weight, they claim better cooling but we are talking tactical rifles not machine guns. Some manufacturers such as Shilen will void the warranty if you have their barrel fluted. Upside, fluting looks cool!!
subThermal is correct, fluting just allows a bunch of dirt to get in there
just cleaned my Vaminter's barrel inside and out after a range session actually
between the flutes like always some dirt got in... no biggie to clean though

but on fluting as it being a waste of money or how it looks is an opinion question for you to decide
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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