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Old cartridges and calibers revived for long-range use?

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Was sitting and reading yet another book about anti-tank tactics during WW2, when I happened to read more about the various anti-tank rifles. After doing some more research, I was thinking that maybe some calibers could be revived as modern-day long-range anti-personell calibers, for example the old german cartridges P35 and the 7.92mm Patrone 318.

Quick description here
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Bah! Site is temporarily unavailable!

I'll have to check it out another time.

I'm trying to find out more about it, but I don't have access to Jane's Small Arms Ammunition of the World today(Damn holidays :lol: ) and more in-depth information about it on the net is scarce. :(
Damn it's hard to find any more in-depth information about these cartridges. Couldn't find anything in the Jane's book....

Anyone able to help out with providing ballistic data etc?
I beleive that you are looking in the wrong place. i believe it would be easier to find (at least MV) for these cartriges by looking at the rifles that fired them.
Just a thought
I already know the muzzle velocity for the ammo from those particular rifles. I want to know bc etc etc
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