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One-zero is that you?

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The way you sound in your replys and the wepons you describe remind me of one of the team leaders I served under. I was wondering already but you mentioning that lever action 444 really got me curious. I was based in Dak To for a while and was recruited to your unit by a guy called Myth. If you're who I hope you are you will know the name of a radio relay station we used to have to spend a week at once in a while. It was hard to get to. What did we call it?

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:D You fugazi mf!!! We lost track of you after you derosed. I ended up extending again (and I call YOU fugazi!) Radio operator from Dak To initials MM is listed in Austin, TX. Call him and he'll give you my contact info! Do it NOW and that's an order!!


ps: What are you doing reading a SNIPER forum? YOU can't shoot worth a sh_t!!
Ha! Check that out! Man, you too just made this whole forums experiment all worth while! I'm glad you guys hooked up, thats cool!


Can't thank you enough. We spent about 4 hours last night catching up. Getting together with some of the other guys on the 4th of July!! Who would have thought it?


All my pleasure (though I really didn't do much)

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