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Welcome to “O.T.O.P”​
The Operational Tactical Optics Program is an in depth program that gives the optics user the knowledge and capabilities to use the most underutilized and yet the most important piece of equipment in the field, the optical sight. With proper training and resources your men and women in the field will be able to use their optical equipment to its maximum potential.
Today’s Law Enforcement Officers, Soldiers and Security personnel need to be flexible, resourceful, and operate at the highest level to allow them to complete the task at hand. This program supports these men and women behind the optical equipment they are using in the field by educating and giving them the skills that will produce results.
For over one hundred years the optical rifle scope has been in use. Today’s optics manufactures are continually advancing and improving on the equipment they produce. As technology moves forward, the need for professional training on the firearm optical sight has never been clearer and needed as it is today. Precision Optics Academy Ltd. will bring the operational effectiveness of your men and women in the field to a whole new level.
The Operational Tactical Optics Program includes a detailed Pre-Study Package which includes “The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting” (the author is O.T.O.Ps’ chief instructor), and a Student Operational Optics Workbook, developed by Precision Optics Academy Ltd, as well as other training aids. This package will be supplied to the student after registration. A detailed set of joining instructions will be sent to each attending student in advance that will include equipment needed and documents that need to be signed and returned before the start of the program.
This program is comprised of an in-class and live fire training components
Law Enforcement / Military & Civilian Versions Available

Reginald J.G. Wales, President

Precision Optics Academy
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