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Optic suggestion for M1A Super Match

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I'm going to purchase a Springfield Armory M1A Super Match, The Stock will be the USMC Camo, and im still thinking about what barrel to go with, but my main question is optics, i will be using a Gen III mount so i can take it off for use in service rifle matches, i want to spend around $800 for a quility optic with mil-dot's, and side focus knob, and target knobs like on the US Optics MST-100, anyone got any idea's
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I have heard many good things of NighForce however for that kind of money I would have to recommned U.S. Optics. Leupold MK4 is a very good line of scopes as well. Speak from experience on the latter. 8)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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