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I'm for more optics reviews. Good optics can cost more than a good rifle and for that kind of investment it's nice to see what someone with experience has to say about a product.
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I agree. Particularly the new springfield scopes. A friend of mine just saw them at the SHOT show and said they are one of the trickest setups out there. They have a 4-16x50 illuminated rangefinding mil-dot that is supposed to work on all power settings. It also has an internal level, all rearward controls, water and fog proof, and .50 cal shockproof for about $580.00! They should be available in the middle of May.
I don't know how it would lend it's self to snipers but Lepuold has their Rifleman class out. It is very good for the money, around $200, even though it's only adjustable to 1/2 clicks. It's durable and is very clear, I think it is worth every cent of the money.
Excellent points, and I agree! I will have a burris review up in about 2 weeks. I want to follow that with a nikon and perhaps a sightron. There are so many out there, and I'm trying to line up more of them, because I agree, the optics are critical!

That's awesome. looking forward to it.
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