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parker-hale 1200tx

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Anyone have some experience with these rifles? I purchased one about 2 years ago and have just started reloading for it. I was told that they were used for palma matches so I've been using sierra 155gr palma match and varget powder. Is this a good bullet/powder combination or should I be trying something different? Also what kind of accuracy should I be expecting? info on this rifle has been hard to find. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Wow, Thats one nice rifle. I love the Parker Hale rifles. How well does it shoot??
Thanks! my best 3rd group so far is .35" but I think it was luck.
I recall that the Parker Hale rifles were made on Spanish Santa Barbara Mauser actions.

These are very nice rifles. I think that you are on the right path using Varget and 155 grain match bullets. But you should use Lapua brass.

It should shoot well under MOA.

I bet you bought the rifle from Tradex Ex. Did you?

I believe they have a 1:14" twist barrel which is setup for those 155's. It will probably not shoot anything much heavier, but you shouldn't need to anyway. Beautiful rifle, I love them.

I had a Parker Hale barrel for a project (that I abandoned) a couple of years ago. It was a 14:1 twist and made to shoot the 155's.

That is a beautiful rifle, I love the Parker Hales. I have 3 Parker Hale M86 receivers that I picked up and 3 Fancy Walnut stocks that just came in from Richards Microfit waiting for me to get to work on them. I'm going to print off a picture of your stock as an example of how I want to finish mine out. The Richards Microfit stocks come about 50% done, they are really just cut to shape and all the finishing work is left to the buyer.
Thanks for the advise. I bought the rifle from a gun shop for about $1000.00 including scope, bipod, and target sights. I couldn't leave the store without it. When I bought it, the stock was painted dark green camo. It looked really nice but the paint was sticky to the touch so I refinished it and got the action re-bedded.
adam12 said:
I couldn't leave the store without it. quote]

Parker Hales are like that. It's some kind of mojo. You could also try a forum called Mauser Central for more info on it.
Another guy to talk to or PM is the SC member ChrisF ..... he's a Parker Hale aficionado and owns quite a few.
Thanks oneeyedmac and kiwi, I will give that a try. Your right about the mojo. I was in school when I bought it and used money that I was saving for my wedding without asking my wife. luckily she still married me.
Thats a beautiful rifle, love the high gloss finish on the stock and action/barrel
The only thing I don't like about the rifle is the glossy stock finish. But the metal work is of such quality that I can overlook the stock. And anyway, it is vintage rifle. And back in the 60s and 70s, high gloss lacquer stocks were all the rage.

The rifle is a time capsule and that's part of the charm of the gun.

Howdy and that sure is a beauty of a rifle, I have not shot in awhile, work is pretty demanding these days, but, I built up about 3 of these rifles. One on a k98 receiver, one a vz24 and the other a turk mauser receiver, they are seriously accurate, much like what you describe.

I can remember just a few things when I was putting these together and trying to find out what to shoot out of them, so here goes..

I can remember using Nossler 168 grain bthp, and also using fgm 168 grn. Later on, I heard that they were designed for something around 144 grain, I never found any. The best group I got was a 3 shot about a quarter inch ctc, at 100 yds. I was really shocked, outshot my new, at the time, savage le2a. I gave one of the rifles to my Daughter.. I am also changing stocks to some Richards Microfit varmint types.

Anyhow, it sounds like you got a super deal on an original there, enjoy!
Wow, that sure is a pretty rifle. I've had a heavier 1-14 twist Parker Hale barrel on a Mauser for a number of years. As everyone else has said they do shoot the 155 gr bullets very well.

I did find that mine never liked Varget powder though. It would always give me three rounds through the same hole, and the other two (five shot group) would open it up to a 1-1.5 inch group at 100 yards.

However that barrel did love Reloader 15. With Reloader 15 it would give me 5 shot, one hole, groups at 100 yards.


Did you buy the 'Marksman' style stock? Still looking forward to pictures of those rifles when you finish. :D
That is a very attractive rifle in spite of the glossy stock finish. To quote Jack O'Connor, it "glitters like the gates of Hell". That's a minor thing though and it's undoubtedly a quality rifle that you'll be very pleased to own and shoot.

I agree with Fluffy that you're likely on the right track with the Varget and 155 grain bullets but if you are reloading, try other combinations of powders and bullets.... unless your Varget/155 loads work out. Once you find a good load, stick with it.
Thanks everyone for your kind and wise words :D . I will give reloader 15 a try. Once again I really appreciate the responses.
You'll find there are a lot of people here who go a little crazy over the Parker Hale target and sniper rifles. :D

ETA: for what it's worth I kinda like the glossy stock.
Lovely rifle.
Here is my 1200tx.
I was wondering if you gentleman know what scope bases I can get that will fit her?

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I think that Farrel (Farrell sp?) may make a base for it if a standard Mauser 98 base won't work.
Standard mauser I have Leopold quick detach mounts on mine.
Badbui I seen a Iznash Biathalon rifle on trade me was it yours?
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