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parker-hale 1200tx

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Anyone have some experience with these rifles? I purchased one about 2 years ago and have just started reloading for it. I was told that they were used for palma matches so I've been using sierra 155gr palma match and varget powder. Is this a good bullet/powder combination or should I be trying something different? Also what kind of accuracy should I be expecting? info on this rifle has been hard to find. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the replies and sorry for hijacking.
That was my izhmash Kea.
I would love to get a mcmillan mchale stock for my 1200tx.
Thats just teasing. Nice rifles!!!!
PH mount

NEAR in Canada make a very nice 25moa pitcanny rail for the Fn action that will fit the TX1200 action , however be aware that the PH rear Iron sights that are fitted to these actions use a larger that std bolt , ie the mount will have smaller holes & screws supplied .

So it may need a bit of TLC from a Gunsmith to sort , the mount is SS and is black coated and very well made , much better than a Farrel , and much lower as well .,
Howdy and that sure is a beauty of a rifle, I have not shot in awhile, work is pretty demanding these days, but, I built up about 3 of these rifles. One on a k98 receiver, one a vz24 and the other a turk mauser receiver, they are seriously accurate, much like what you describe. I can remember just a few things when I was putting these together and trying to find out what to shoot out of them, so here goes.. I can remember using Nossler 168 grain bthp, and also using fgm 168 grn. Later on, I heard that they were designed for something around 144 grain, I never found any. The best group I got was a 3 shot about a quarter inch ctc, at 100 yds. I was really shocked, outshot my new, at the time, savage le2a. I gave one of the rifles to my Daughter.. I am also changing stocks to some Richards Microfit varmint types. Anyhow, it sounds like you got a super deal on an original there, enjoy!
So you are saying a thousand bucks for one of these rifles is a deal ?
21 - 24 of 24 Posts