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Pictures of a C130 crash from Iraq

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I have a good friend in the AF and he sent me and another one my good friends an email with this message and these pictures.

Subject: FW: NOTAM's are somewhat important
>BLAME IT ON THE "DIRT BOYZ" as always!!!!!!!!!
>A lack of communication over in Iraq.
>Last week one of our planes flew into a US operated airfield in Iraq
>the day and saw there was construction equipment on the runway. Yet
>was no NOTAM (notice to airmen). A trench was being dug in the runway,
>it was not marked. Its a long runway and they just landed beyond the
>construction. They filed a safety hazard report that was immediately
>forwarded to our higher headquarters and to the Air Force wing based
>Well, it seems the construction continued and still was not marked or
>NOTAMed or anything. A C-130 landed on the runway the night of the 29th
>didnt see the construction. C-130 was totaled, several injuries to the
>and the few passengers but nobody was killed.
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nevermind the pictures are too big adn it wont even let me upload one at a time... but atleast u got a story from Iraq
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